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2018 Year in Review

To say that our team had a busy year this year is an understatement. We renovated approximately 15,000 sqft adding value to our properties through properly-executed capital improvement projects. Here's a recap of projects and general services that we knocked out in 2018:

  • Two residential hallway and lobby modernization projects

  • One comprehensive elevator modernization project

  • Two exterior facade painting project

  • We commissioned and oversaw a mural project by the renowned mural artist, Sabek.

  • One exterior lighting and building number project

  • Three hallway painting projects

  • Two tuckpointing projects

  • One fire suppression and monitoring system modernization project

  • One building door replacement project

  • One common HVAC system replacement project

  • One waterproofing project

  • Additionally, our team oversaw hundreds of preventive maintenance tasks that kept our properties protected against any breakdowns or disasters. These include seasonal checkups and maintenance tasks.

  • We leased approximately 20,000 sqft of residential properties within our portfolio in average 12 days.

  • Organized a community clean-up day where our staff did yard work, power washing, re-striping parking spaces and painting.

Not to mention a move to our fabulous new office space in the historic Wonderbread building. We are looking forward to a productive year ahead, doing more for our clients and improving the real estate assets entrusted to us to manage!

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