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Initial Operating Services

We understand that developers are juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities during the development and conversion process.  At Citylights, our team of experts understand the intricacies that go into creating and setting up the association correctly.  This, in turn, creates a better experience during the sales process and assures the new homeowners that there is support available post-settlement.


Financial Services

Our goal is to build a sound financial plan that addresses the association's short-term and long-term goals. Having an intimate knowledge of the association's needs is crucial in creating the initial operating budget. Our team of expert property managers will prepare an understandable budgets that address the global workings of the association, customized to meet the specifications of the building(s). Monthly financial reports are submitted in our customized manager reports with detailed explanation of the financial position of the association. We pay careful attention to funds needed during the initial operating period, bid contracts for routine services and develop unit owner accounts on our portal as units are sold.



We will remain the liaison between the developer and real estate agents and title companies to ensure a seamless communication during the sales process.  We also handle all post-closing communication with new homeowners.


1140 3rd St NE,

Washington, DC 20002, USA

Main Office (202) 753-4000

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