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Modern Apartment Block

Maintenance & Operations

Our management style is proactive vs. reactive. How? Our team of caring property managers create and oversee a customized preventive maintenance plan that ensures the safety and longevity of all facets of the building's common areas. This, in turn, helps keeps costs down for the association and maintains a positive quality of life for all residents. We oversee cost-effective and efficient contract bidding, capital improvement project oversight, and seamless communication to board as well as resident as repairs are received. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as your ally in keeping your most valuable assets as well-maintained as possible.


Financial Services

Our goal is to build a sound financial plan that addresses the association's short-term and long-term goals. Having an intimate knowledge of the association's needs is crucial in creating an operating budget. Our team of expert property managers will prepare understandable budgets that address the global workings of the association. Monthly financial reports are submitted in our customized manager reports with detailed explanation of the financial position of the association. We pay careful attention to funds available for capital improvement projects, quickly addressing delinquency issues and communicating all facets of the association's finances to the board.



We pride ourselves on the high standards we have in place for communication. We have developed cutting-edge tools that create open channels of communication with the board as well as the residents of the building. Our portal allows our clients to effectively communicate with our team about any issues that may arise. Our team of property managers are available via phone, email or text. All issues are communicated to the board in a timely and professional manner. We attend meetings and distribute all written communications as needed.


1140 3rd St NE,

Washington, DC 20002, USA

Main Office (202) 753-4000

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